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In just a short time The Kabs Family (that's Mum - Chan,  Dad - Tay, 13-year-old Teija, 6-year-old Maliya and 3-year-old TJ) have amassed a huge following of loyal fans on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram and most recently TikTok, inviting them to be a part of the humorous and every day moments in their family life. With their fun nature and infectious love of singing and dancing, it's clear to see why they continue to succeed. They now garner over a collective 7 million followers across their channels and saw a 700% growth on their YouTube channel from January to November 2020, which now stands at over 1.2 million subscribers.

The Kabs Family were interviewed by entertainment icon, Steve Harvey on Steve on Watch, plus featured on BBC News and Channel 4's lunch time interview slots, in addition to landing some amazing partnerships with LEGO, Netflix and Sky (to name just a few).

2023 is set to be a huge year for the ever-talented Kabs family as they continue to forge their way in the entertainment industry.


Say Hello To

Tay Kabs

Dad of the house, Tay, is the self confessed joker of The Kabs Family clan. Notorious for the viral car videos with Mali, he is responsible for the family's love of music. Tay can often be found DJ’ing or listening to old school soul tunes when not uploading on the family YouTube channel.

Chan Kabs

Mother of 3, Chan, is ⅕ of The Kabs Family, finding her solo path through her passion for presenting, fashion and lifestyle, including the everyday family brands that all families know and love. Chan secured her dream ambassadorship with P&G in 2022, as a self confessed lover of a tidy home, it has been a great success thus far.

Teija Kabs

13 year old Teija has been creating content with her parents since she was just 8 years old. Before the arrival of younger siblings Mali and TJ, Tay and Teija created comedy skits for their own entertainment, which may be the reason Teija is now looking to pursue a career in acting.

Maliya Kabs

An online sensation in her own right, 6 year old Mali takes after her Dad. Since being just 2 years old, Mali could recognise and recite the words of old anthems and sing-a-long to classic tunes in the car. Naturally, this made for some very sweet memories which happen to have over 30M collective YouTube views over the years.

TJ Kabs

The youngest of the group, TJ Kabs is only 3 years old but already full of personality and it’s easy to see why when looking at who surrounds him. His comical expressions and recent entry onto the Kabs channels has attracted a number of fans. Not many 3 year olds can claim they’ve spoken to Steve Harvey on Zoom!