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Madame Joyce began her social journey in 2018, but began her rise to success with the launch of her weekly show, Cocktails & Takeaways, in 2021.

Cocktails & Takeaways allows for raw and emotive conversation, with Joyce's unique power to also create unmatched comedic moments throughout. Madame Joyce discusses trending global events, music, dilemmas and even her most well-kept secrets, with a special guest joining each week. Cocktails and Takeaways has amounted to over 17m+ combined views/listens and birthed a community of around 70k listeners per week.

The immediate success of the podcast, and Joyce's quick-wit and likeable personality, has seen Madame Joyce host for global brands Sony Music and Cadburys, plus work with Spotify, Amazon and JD. Joyce is now working across a multitude of broadcast platforms, most recently working with Channel 4.0 on their new digital formats, both of which will air in 2023.


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