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Adanna Steinacker is a medical doctor, digital entrepreneur, and public speaker. After transitioning from clinical medicine, she founded Digital Medics Academy whose mission is to amplify evidence-based health information on social media.

For the last decade she has aligned her energetic personality with her passion and creativity, becoming one of the early adopters of social media, and amassed a combined social media community of nearly 1 million people. As a digital creator and influencer, Adanna runs her lifestyle brand ‘House of Adanna’ with family, equality and authenticity as some of her biggest values.

House of Adanna officially partnered with YouTube to release a YouTube exclusive 20-part series on ‘Sustainability and Kids’, which will run across 2023. Adanna is also an ambassador for P&G home care, focussing on the many initiatives the brand has to hit their sustainable goals, and has also worked with Pandora, Disney and Vitabiotics on long-term brand partnerships.


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